Bad First Massage Experience

Did you have a bad massage and it’s stopping you from getting another?

Well just like anything like we try in life, there is going to be good and bad. So your first massage sucked and either they didn’t address your needs or they put you in pain, trust there’s always someone who will do better. Just like it took time to find the right person to cut your hair, do your nails, cut your lawn, clean your pool, is the same as finding the right massage therapist. You even have to search to find the best doctor! So don’t give up or be discouraged!

If your in the Central Florida area I would be happy to help you, but if your not the best way is to ask a reliable friend or doctor who can refer you to one. Sometimes just going to the spa isn’t going to cut it, you will get a mix of experienced therapists to “I just got my license to practice” therapists. Now, just fresh out of school therapist can be really good therapist, but just like a new driver, you know how to drive but you don’t really “know” how to drive until your going out there every day and driving continuously. It’s like they say “Practice makes perfect”.

That special therapist is out there waiting for you to show you that there is hope for another chance! Give massage a chance again and keep trying until you find the best one for you!