Benefits of Regular Massage

History of Massage Therapy

Just a quick history cap on massage! Massage dates back to 3000 BCE or earlier in India, where it was a sacred system of natural healing. It was used for many reasons, such as, for pain relief, healing injuries and preventing and curing illness. Over the years, it spread across the world and is used as a holistic way of healing the body using a variety of techniques.


Massage increases and improves blood circulation. releases muscle tension, reduces stress hormones, promotes relaxation, aids in recovery of soft tissue injuries, stimulates digestive system and lymphatic system, increases joint mobility and flexibility. reduces anxiety and depression. Most importantly, taking care of yourself so you can have a peace of mind.

Why you should have a massage regularly

At least ONE A PER MONTH is the standard recommendation I give, but some do require more depending on their issue and daily activities. Whether your job is physically or mentally straining, or whether you are retired, we all suffer from some type of daily or bodily discomfort. Other times, we do things we shouldn’t or have an accident, but we all can benefit from a massage one way or another!